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Assumptions and Approximations

If you get the opportunity to attend one of Professor Bill Harvey’s lectures on masonry structures I suggest that you don’t let it slip by. Bill’s lectures are both informative and entertaining, and often start with the following cautionary quote from Dr AR Dyke, who when addressing the Institution of Structural Engineers in 1976 made [...]

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Heat-straightening technology (3 of 3)

Consider a piece of metal bar tightly fitted in a very stiff clamp as shown in Figure 1. If intense heat is applied to a small area of the bar as shown, the heated volume of metal will tend to expand, but the clamp restrains longitudinal expansion. Compressive stress then builds up in the bar [...]

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Heat-straightening Technology (2 of 3)

New Road Overbridge, crossing the M5 near Weston-super-Mare, was struck by a northbound truck carrying a shipping container in early 1999. The outer main girder, an 838 x 292 x 226 universal beam spanning 18m with composite concrete deck, sustained severe damage. There were no bracings connecting the outer girder to inner girders, and consequently [...]

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Heat-straightening technology (1 of 3)

Heat Straightening Technology

My first experience of the heat-straightening process in steel bridgework was in 1971. I was working with a very experienced plater setting up the joint between a pair of large box girders. As the junior site engineer my job was to align the boxes correctly with theodolite and level. The plater and his helper would [...]

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